What happened?

Posted: January 19, 2007 in EVO 2007 Tasks

After reading posts to the YahooGroup, I decided to play around with my blog and see if I could get the links to show up on a template that I liked better than the blue one I had. I decided to try this one (Thirteen) and, somehoe or other, the links miraculously showed up where I wanted them! Obviouly, the things I did to get it to work in the other template made it so it works here, too. So I am happy!

UPDATE 1.21.07: I realized that the template I was using didn’t show my recent posts, so I switched again. This one also has a HOME button, which I really missed in the old template.  Let’s see how long I stay with this one!  (I’ll warn you: my husband and I rearrange the furniture in our house about every 6 months!)


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