Thanks, Berta!

Posted: January 20, 2007 in EVO 2007 Tasks, Uncategorized

Well, I was talking about being a private person and Berta pointed out that I didn’t even have my name anywhere on my blog. I certainly didn’t intend to be THAT private! So I have updated my “Me!” page to include my name and a few more details about me.

Thanks, Berta, for noticing!

  1. bleiva2003 says:

    Hola Nancy, disculpa, no fue mi intención presionarte para que dijeras tu nombre ya que ya en la página de Participantes del Wiki ya sabía quién eras. (I am writing in Spanish since you have live in 4 out of 7 places where Spanish is spoken. So feel free to practice with me if you want to).
    I have a colleague in Venezuela that opened a blog and did not include her name anywhere, not even a picture and in one of my comments to her I mentioned her name. She was not really upset but told me I had blown her cover…oopphhhsss!!! I thought you might be doing the same thing, write somehow anonymously …
    Best wishes and cariños, Berta

  2. Nancy says:

    Berta, no te preocupes. El problema era que en Blogger, el nombre aparece automaticamente y no habia notado que WordPress no funciona igual. Como puedses ver, ahora tengo mi CV alla tambien. Solo fue cuestion de acostumbrarme a WordPress.

    (Favor de disculpar los preoblemas que tengo con el idioma!)

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