Word Press and Flock

Posted: January 20, 2007 in EVO 2007 Tasks

While neither Word Press nor Flock was new to me when I began this session, I have only now really used them, and so far I really like what I see.

I have been blogging since the 2005 EVO session on Blogger. It is as comfortable as an old pair of shoes. Now, of course, I have migrated to the new Blogger, and I have to admit I haven’t played with it much since the change over a couple weeks ago. I also have had an edublog blog for about a year, I guess.

I really like what I have seen of seen of Word Press. The details impress me. I like being able to choose whether a link opens in the same window or a new one. I like the category feature. The template changes don’t seem to be as easy to do in Word Press as they are in Blogger, and that is something I am not sure I like. But maybe I just need to learn more about Word Press.

As for Flock, I had looked at it about six months ago and thought it was OK but almost immediately went back to Firefox. Then D’Arcy tried it out again, so I thought I would, too. So on Jan 4th I downloaded it and began to use it some. I liked it but still continued to use Firefox more. Now I am using it exclusively for the EVO stuff. I run Ubuntu Linux on my computer, so I have a separate desktop set up for EVO, and I always use Flock there.

There are some things I really miss about Firefox — the automatic spell check, the ability to go back more than just a page at a time, etc. But I can see that Flock is more blog friendly. And if I were into sharing pictures and the like, I would probably find it was great for that. (I know, I will be getting a chance to test that here real soon!)

All in all, I am really happy to have been “forced” to try these two. By the end of the six weeks I will be as comfortable with them as I am with Blogger and Firefox, I’m sure!


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