A great idea for using Flickr

Posted: January 23, 2007 in Flickr

Now, I want to start by telling you I haven’t tried this, but it sounds like a wonderful idea.  Teacher Dude posted some ideas and an example of using Flickr to make a photo dictionary.  The picture didn’t actually work right in his blog, but if you go to the picture on Flickr, it does.  It is the same technique used in What We Can Do with Flickr, but that wasn’t with the idea of using it to make a dictionary.

It seems that the problem with this might be making sure the text showed up wherever you finally housed the picture.  I am going to give this one some thought — although we seldom have beginning students in our program anymore.  It would be a fun activity for anyone, I think.

  1. patricia9936 says:

    Yes, I have tried that with my students. We didn’t create a dictionary really; but rather a personal narrative of our favourite place. Then, the students posted it on their blogs and others commented on that. Dictionary sounds good too for lower level students.

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