Trying something new

Posted: January 23, 2007 in Word Press features

Berta had great sucess uploading a powerpoint presentation to her blog. I have tried several times without success. I think I am following her instructions, but I obviously am missing something somewhere. I will keep at it, though!

Update 1:  Well, I got a link to the presentation by following the instructions here. It wasn’t as intuitive for me as it was for Berta! But I haven’t given up! I will keep trying to get the actual presentation to show up.

Confusing Verbs

Update 2: Well, Berta explained that she actually did two things to get hers to look the way it does. I got the link to the file, but I haven’t figured out how to get the image to link to the file s you can “see” the presentation before you click on it. I’ll keep working.

Some Confusing Verbs

Here is the image. Now to link the two. I don’t seem to be able to make it happen.

Update 3: OK. I finally got it. But I had to cheat. I copied the code from Berta’s page and then substituted in my own files instead of hers. I think I see how to do it now. I forgot momentarily that it is sometimes easier to work with the code than to try to do it another way.

Thanks, Berta! I literally couldn’t have done it without you!

  1. bleiva2003 says:

    Hi Nancy. I wonder what went wrong!?* The presentation I downloaded was really a pdf of a powerpoint but this should not matter. You can try uploading the presentation in the box below the post box,then copy the URL by clicking in the button “edit” just above the file-uploading box and then highlight the selected word(s) in the post, press “link” button (the one that resembles a chain), copy the URL in the provided area and save-publish. The powerpoint presentation should appear when you click the highlighted words. In my case, I also uploaded a printscreen of my presentation as an image and linked the URL to the picture. I wonder if I explained this clearly. Aren´t instructions hard to explain?
    Best of luck, cariños, Berta

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