Reflections on Flock

Posted: January 25, 2007 in EVO 2007 Tasks

I started talking about Flock before, but now that I have used it more, I have to say that I really like it. I don’t miss the things I thought I couldn’t live without in Firefox. It will take me a long time to get really used to using Flock, though. I forget that I can post to my blogs from it until AFTER I start a post.

The feature that I most like, believe it or not, is the photo uploader. It makes it so simple to upload photos to Flickr. I might actually use my Flickr account more if I continue using Flock!

Flock facilitates communication while Firefox mainly facilitates web browsing. There is nothing wriong with that, but these new tools in Flock make it more open. It isn’t just about me sitting in front of my computer every day. Now it is about me sitting at my computer interacting with people around the world. I like that ! I like Flock.

Blogged with Flock

  1. patricia9936 says:

    Glad you are so enthusiastic about Flock, Nancy! I like it too and it’s really easy to navigate which is really important for me as I often give up on using different tools if it takes a lot of time to learn how to use them. Plus, I am really a visual person, so anything that can help is always a plus, and Flock is so nicely designed.

    Going back to the main point, the social nature of the browser, you rightly point out that you don’t interact with your computer anymore but with people. I think that is the crucial point because we have been under this impression for a very long time that ‘we are sitting in front of computer’ whereas now we can say that ‘we are sitting in front of an extended audience’ with which we can interact. That completely changes the nature and psychology of online interaction. It is so much more dynamic and stimulating!

  2. Hi Nancy,
    I agree with you that Flock has changed the way I use my computer. Yesterday I added all the rss of the group and it was very quick and easy. I love the idea of writing posts to my blog without even opening it.
    OWP is about open and participatory spaces. I think it has opened our eyes to see technology in a different way and has made us active participants in cyber space. I just love the idea that I´m not alone anymore “sitting in front of my computer”.

  3. patricia9936 says:

    Another thing is that I really feel as if we’re engaged in this continuous conversations, as if we were sitting in your living room chatting! 🙂

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