The end

Posted: February 26, 2007 in EVO 2007 Tasks

Well, I didn’t do the job I wanted to in this EVO session.  There was too much going on in my life, I guess.

I have learned something about myself through this experience.  First of all, and maybe most importantly, I have really come to see how rooted I am in the written word.  I love blogging and I love wikis, but I have yet to really embrace podcasting.  I don’t think it is a bad thing necessarily – especially since I teach reading and writing – but I need to recognize that not all my students have the same learning preferences.

I have also learned that I get easily sidetracked if there are not very specific activities to be performed.  This has been interesting to see — again.  Actually, I have seen it in all 3 years of EVO sessions I have participated in, but I am just now really coming to the realization that I need to remember this as I am designing online activities for my students. I think I do a decent job of this, but I am now much more aware of the need to not make things too open-ended for my students.

At any rate, I have really enjoyed this EVO session.  I have enjoyed getting to know some of you, and I hope to keep reading your blogs.  Thanks to the organizers for a great session!

  1. bleiva2003 says:

    Dear Nancy, you are not alone. I tried to open up to the social side of blogs and podcasting but I am not that ready yet or maybe do not have the adequate kind of course to put some of these element into practice. What usually draws me back is the fact that I cannot provide online access to all my students and they definitely do not all have it at home. Second, my teaching-learning objective is mainly reading, not even writing, and not having the possibility of 4 skill activities is very frustrating.

    I have also participated in other EVO sessions and our paths might have crossed in the past (BaW 05-06-07 and Collaborative Blogging06-B4B 07 and basic Internet activities in 04). I have learned tons in all these sessions, met wonderful colleagues on line -even two face to face- and mail a couple once in a while.

    I will definitely keep reading your blog and in touch. Maybe we can collaborate in the future, who knows.

    All the best, Berta

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