My Portfolio

Posted: March 4, 2007 in My Portfolio

I have had an online portfolio for a couple years now, but once I began to use WordPress, I knew that I would have to move it from Blogger over here. If you would like to look at it, you can find it here.

I got the idea for using a blog to house my portfolio from Dr. Helen Barrett. She has a number of blogs, but on this one she outlines how to build a portfolio on a WordPress blog. Mine is much differet from hers, housed entirely in the blog at this point.

I have played with a number of differnt templates on this portfolio blog, but “Garland” seemed to work the best. I changed the colors up because I really don’t like bloe, but otherwise I am jus using the basic blog. As you will notice if you visit it, I have more pages than posts, but I expect to add more posts as I go along.

  1. […] Nancy McKeand I got this reference to Dr Helen Barret’s how to create an electronic portfolio using […]

  2. As the consultant for a graduate certificate in TESOL, I am researching blogs as a path to online portfolios for our student teachers. The link to your teaching portfolio is broken, I’d love to see it. Please let me know when it’s repaired. Thank you

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