Changing Education

Posted: March 10, 2007 in education, tech

There was a great post a few days ago on Assorted Stuff about the $100 laptop project. In it, he talks about the money that is spent on technology in schools and the seemingly little effect it has had on education.

This takes me back to the question of how we use these new tchnological tools that we have. Do we just do the same old thing with them? In the post Tim makes the statement that:

in most classrooms computers are still used primarily as expensive reinforcements for standard instructional processes.

He is right, of course. And I don’t want to do that. To do otherwise takes a lot of time and energy and thought, of course.

And it means you have to integrate technology slowly rather than just jumping on the bandwagon. When Jennifer asks how much of the Web 2.0 stuff can really be applied to education, she is calling on us to think before we leap. Good advice.

Any change we make in education must be sustainable. More than anything, I think that involves teacher buy-in. We have to see the value in what we are doing or it just won’t work. That also involves giving teachers the freedom to teach in the way that best suits them and their students. None of this, “It’s 9:15 Wednesday, so you have to be discussing the information on page 36” that I hear K-12 teachers in my area talking about.

When I look around me, it is easy to become discouraged about the state of educaton in this country. But when I look around again I see all these wonderful teachers who are trying to make a real change in education, and I can’t help but feel more optimistic again.

  1. The web 2.0 opened a new world for us but I can´t manage to keep updated with all the new advances. I also feel discouraged when I see how far away we are in implementing all these new tools in my country.

    Fortunaletly this year I am able to show my students and my school the great possiblilities and opportunities technologies provides.

    Let´s never give up and hope to see some real changes in our countries soon.

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