Week 2 tasks

Posted: January 27, 2008 in EVO 2008 Tasks, SMiELT2008

I have put off posting about this week’s tasks because of this question:

Are you promoting open participatory skills in ELT? How?

It sounds so simple and innocent. Of course I am! But then the kicker: How?

In my present job I have to say that I really am not doing much. Looking at the list of skills identified by ProjectNML and mentioned by Sessums, I see a couple that maybe I work on:

Negotiation — “the ability to communicate across differences as you move through a multicultural and global media landscape.”

Collaboration — “sharing information, pooling knowledge, comparing notes, evaluating evidence, and solving large-scale problem.”

I have no access to technology with my current students, so these skills are not being used online or anything. But the question didn’t really say it had to be in terms of technology, so I am claiming these two skills anyway.

My students, as adults, have many of the skills mentioned. They are resourceful; they have their own network. But I don’t feel that I do anything to help them further develop these skills or develop others.

This wasn’t a question I wanted to face. It wasn’t an answer I wanted to have to write. But, if I am to be honest, I have to write it.

  1. Hi Nancy, just a quick question – I know that you don’t have computers in the classroom, but do your students have them at home?

  2. Nancy says:

    Illya, some of my students have computers but others don’t. It probably runs about 50-50.

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