Flickr and Writing

Posted: February 2, 2008 in Flickr, SMiELT2008
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Reading my Bloglines feeds this morning, I came across a post by Bryan Alexander about Flicktion. Flicktion is text inspired by images on Flickr. Some examples that I like can be found here and here.

This is what I was thinking about in my previous post about using Flickr. I had not thought about having students post their writing anywhere, but I can see that you could. If you had a blog or wiki and used Creative Commons photos, it would work. I think in the beginning I would select a picture, much like I do the writing prompts I use now. It could be posted either to the blog or the wiki. Students could create their stories and post them.

This is a slightly more social use of Flickr. The next step, if we had access to digital cameras, would be to take our own photos and post them to Flickr, tagging them “flicktion”. I could see that happening if I had a different student population. It would have worked with my college students, for sure.

  1. illyasoet says:

    I’ve also been experimenting with flickr, and I discovered the slideshow option (see my blog).
    After reading your post, I have begun to think about how to use flickr in class. You have great ideas. A further one would be to create a slideshow, or better yet, let the students create one, and then write a story to go with it.
    At an easier level, they could simply write captions for each picture.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Barbara Dieu says:

    Yes, Flicktion is one great way to engage in collaborative story telling and photos. Depending on the level of students, they can also tag other photos, post comments and write a note to describe or react to something they see.

  3. Karen Haines says:

    Hi Nancy

    Two years ago I put a photo (from the internet) once a week onto my class blog as a picture post and got the students to write just one or two lines for each as a comment. At the end of the week, an invited guest from outside or inside the class, would choose the comment they liked best to go with the picutre and that would be published under the picture post.

    I just went back to look at the blog and found that some of the pictures have disappeared off the internet. You can see the students’ comments though. Just look for the headings picture post 1 etc.

    I really enjoyed having the students do some writing that could be about their feelings or poetic – all the writing that happens in class is so prosaic and academic IELTS focussed! I might think about doing something similar this year – thanks for reminding me.

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