A great chat

Posted: February 3, 2008 in SMiELT2008, student blogging

We just had a great chat on the SMiELT site. Sorry not everyone could make it.

Chats like that one are difficult because there are many participants, and we all like to “talk”. It can be hard to follow, to know who is saying what in response to whom. But the feeling of community is definitely strong.

Would you want to use chats with students? As I student, I have participated in chats that were not required for the course. These were quite helpful. They cleared up questions we had about the topic, clarified assignments and served as a chance to get to know each other. But that was in a totally online class. Would you use chats with students you saw every day or every week?

Darren has a chat on his class blogs. (They’re in the sidebar at the bottom.) While there is obviously some abuse, it can also be a handy way for the students to communicate with each other about class assignments and such. I can see the value in it. What about you?


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