Sorting out the blogs

Posted: July 2, 2008 in Blogger, blogging

I have finally decided to move Random Thoughts from Blogger to WordPress.

Actually, I decided that I was ready to move all the Random Thoughts posts here because I had always thought I would combine the two blogs.  But I didn’t really want to so I kept putting it off.  Then a while back, I imported what I had in Blogger.  But still I kept posting to Random Thoughts there.

Last night I decided to make the move.  So I imported everything from the old site to this blog.

Then I realized that there was no reason to combine the blogs, really.  With the WordPress dashboard, it is easy to go from one blog to the other.  So I decided to open another blog here as the new home for Random Thoughts.

Then I had to go through all the posts here (more than 800) and try to filter out the Random Thoughts posts so I would be left with only posts that really belonged here.  I am not sure that I did it perfectly.  I may have deleted a few that I shouldn’t have.  But now, at least, this is basically a project blog — an EVO blog or one I could use for any other project.

I am pretty happy to have finally figured this all out.  I only wonder what took me so long!


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