Building an e-portfolio

Posted: February 8, 2009 in EVO 2009
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One of the reasons I was interested in both the Multiliteracies and Digifolios EVO sessions was the idea of creating a better digital portfolio.  And now in the Multiliteracies session, I should be doing just that.  Of course, I have been so absent from both sessions that I have missed the prep work that would have better prepared me to do this.  But I want to explore the topic a little anyway.

My current e-portfolio can be found here.  It has not changed much since I first put it up.  It has been updated, of course, but the basic look and feel has stayed the same.  I look at what Vance has said is the closest thing he has to an e-portfolio, and it seems very similar to mine.    But then I look at his friendfeed “portfolio” and I see something much more dynamic. The dynamic version is much closer to what I think I wanted for my portfolio.  But, of course, I am not Vance Stevens, so mine would have to look a whole lot different (read that as smaller and less impressive!).  But I am not sure how to go about making the transition from a more formal to a less formal type of portfolio.

I think maybe the answer for me is to begin to experiment with other “venues” for my portfolio.  So that is the project I set for myself for the coming week.  Let’s see if I accomplish it any better than I have any of the “official” EVO projects!


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