What is this blog still here for?

Posted: January 2, 2011 in blogging

I began this blog as part of an EVO course I took several years ago.  At the time I was blogging on Blogger, but they wanted us to set up a WordPress blog, so I did.  Eventually I  migrated my other blog to WordPress, but I chose not to combine the two blogs.  I am not sure now what I  thought was the importance of that, but at the time it was an issue.

Since that time I have used this blog sporadically to talk about technology and, more commonly, to document my experiments with different tech tools.  And every time  I do, I wonder why I keep this blog at all.

I think the reason is that I don’t like to eliminate anything that I have posted to the internet.  It seems dishonest, like I am trying to hide something.  And I am not.

So I guess I keep this here as a place to play around, to show different things I have done.  And if I take another course that requires a blog, I will probably try to use this one for that.  So while I won’t post here often, I will be back!


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