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Playing on Flickr

Posted: February 8, 2008 in Flickr, SMiELT2008
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Between sneezes I have been looking at Flickr more.  I was interested by a question in the Dekita group discussion area about why a picture didn’t show up on the map.  So I decided to work to see what I could discover.  And the answer was…  NOTHING.

I was able to locate my photos on the map.  When I check the map on my page, the locations show up.  But, as Karen noticed, they do not show up on a Dekita page.  It must be a Dekita group setting or something.

I can see the map part of Flickr being something that a teacher could exploit.  Geotagging in general, I guess.  And I guess this could work together with a site like 43 Places.  If I were to ask students to learn about another part of the world or to find pictures and information about their own countries, these sites could be good sources to check out.

I wonder if students could be asked to find pictures from their own countries and then use them to accompany something they write about their homes.  I suppose that there would be other logical uses of Flickr, too.   I will have to continue exploring.


Flickr and Writing

Posted: February 2, 2008 in Flickr, SMiELT2008
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Reading my Bloglines feeds this morning, I came across a post by Bryan Alexander about Flicktion. Flicktion is text inspired by images on Flickr. Some examples that I like can be found here and here.

This is what I was thinking about in my previous post about using Flickr. I had not thought about having students post their writing anywhere, but I can see that you could. If you had a blog or wiki and used Creative Commons photos, it would work. I think in the beginning I would select a picture, much like I do the writing prompts I use now. It could be posted either to the blog or the wiki. Students could create their stories and post them.

This is a slightly more social use of Flickr. The next step, if we had access to digital cameras, would be to take our own photos and post them to Flickr, tagging them “flicktion”. I could see that happening if I had a different student population. It would have worked with my college students, for sure.